Helping our brothers in need

​COVID-19 Relief Project

Covid-19 Relief Project

Because of this COVID pandemic, several poor pastors are struggling to live. These pastors living was to work in brick factories, if they are open, and if the work is available. But these are all closed now. The Govt. of India declared to keep the lockdown until May 3rd. However, this is uncertain. It may be extended further. We don't know.

A lot of our pastors have no means to live. Churches are closed so they do not have that dollar or two offerings they get every Sunday.

Our desire at GHM is to raise some funds, at least provide some help for one month, so they can get some rice, spices, and vegetables to feed their families. Would you please help? We need to raise $1333 for 40 pastors. This gives them 25 kilos of rice for each one (most of the money goes to rice bags), and the remaining for other food items.

If you can, please help!

You may use the button below to give, or give via Text. You can send a text message to this number (833) 561-0170 with GIVE [$$] COVIDAID

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