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Save A Life
Provide Clean Drinking Water

About the Webinar

Due to inadequate supply or contamination, about 200,000 lose their lives every year in India. Over six hundred million people are dealing with a shortage of water. (Full Report).

Gospel Heritage Ministries Inc is raising funds to sponsor pure drinking water well in the village of Dharbarevu in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Joel Madasu

Webinar Date & Time:

Thursday 28th May / 06:00 PM

​About the Host:

Dr. Joel Madasu is the President of Gospel Heritage Ministries Inc. His desire is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through various charitable activities. 

Calvin Sutphin II

President, Catalyst Ministries Inc

I have known Dr. Madasu for a couple years now.  He and I talk consistently regarding his work as the Director of Mt. Olive Bible College. I am the Founder of Catalyst Ministries (CM). CM was founded to introduce an evidenced-based model of Prison reform labeled ‘moral rehabilitation’ to the Correctional leadership here in WV. A core component of the moral rehabilitation model is an accredited Bible College. Dr. Madasu is the director of that College.


There are many challenges in operating a Bible College in a maximum-security prison. The administrative policies, the staff and the inmate students present a uniqueness not found in a traditional college setting. 

I have found Dr. Madasu to be a tremendous asset, not only as the Director of the College, but as a key component within our overall vision.  He oversees the day to day operations, keeps the classes and academic pace on track, counsels the men individually and serves as the liaison between the Bible College, Catalyst Ministries and the Division of Corrections. Joel is smart, energetic, committed, and we are blessed to have him on the team. In addition to his work at the college, Joel has launched a non-profit aiming to help those in his native country of India. His passion is unsurpassed, and I believe he will serve those in his sphere of influence well. Joel is not only a leader; he has become a friend.

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