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What YOU can Do?

Below we have several ways that you can help!

Give to any one of these projects and help make a change in the lives of those who need the eternal gift that God has promised.

Content Publication

Providing biblical material

If you are someone who is interested in writing books or reading books, you know the important of literature. We gain knowledge by reading good literature. God's Word is good, life-changing and powerful. Help us provide biblical literature!

Drinking Water Well

Provide pure water

One of the great ministries that will have almost immediate impact on the lives that receives water. By providing water, we will have the opportunity to present the truth about the "living water." Help us reach people with "living water."

Church Buildings

Provide Physical building

Building a physical Church would provide a place for the Christian community to worship the Lord in one place. The building offers not only a place to worship but also shelter. The physical building and its presence shares the existence of Christ.

     Pastoral seminars!     

Pastors need continuous encouragement and appreciation for their effort and commitment to serve the Lord. Every year, the Gospel Heritage Ministries desires to conduct a seminar where the sole purpose is to train men with the life-changing Word of God, so that they would learn and reach the people with proper understanding of the text, presenting the Truth as is given by God.

Help pastors gain knowledge and wisdom in God's Word!

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