Mission and Vision


To share the life-changing powerful good news of Jesus Christ to the World through Gospel preaching and various charitable activities.


To make disciples of Jesus Christ all over the world for the expansion of His kingdom.

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The Three-Phase Plan


Why evangelism? It is a responsibility of every believer to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.


The command of Jesus Christ is to make disciples while sharing the goodnews of Jesus Christ.

Plant Churches

The purpose of discipleship is to ultimately plant a church by sending the disciples out.

The GHM Projects

We understand the importance of charitable activities. What these activities will do is "enable" us to establish a relationship with the community. This is a major step - building relations in order to share the Gospel with the community.

By reaching one community, we will reach another with the help of that community which already received help, both for physical needs and spiritual needs. The projects of GHM have a single purpose - to build the Church by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bible Prabodhalu: Podcast in Telugu Language

Bible Prabodhalu is a ministry of the Gospel Heritage Ministries. The desire of GHM is to provide the Word of God in an audio and video format so that the believers can be fed with God's Word and be encouraged by it.

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