Many are waiting for the opportunity

Steve is an Associate Pastor in North East India. A place where there is much chaos, politics vs. Christian practices, rivals between tribal people. Whatever the current state may be (which is not good), God’s work is continuing.

God is using men like Steve for advancing the Gospel message. Nearly 89.5% of India needs to hear the Gospel. North-East India, comprising of seven states, consists of more than 45 million people. How can we reach 45 million people? These states consist of hill tribes. Difficult for others to reach them. This means only the men who know their culture and language can reach them effectively; only those who know and understand the consequences can reach them effectively.

Steve was one of the men who was passionate about learning the Bible. He heard about some schools, but he was not able to afford; his parents were not able to provide for tuition, room, and board. Later, Steve heard about Redeemer Bible College located in South-East India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. RBC (from here on) offered free education, food, and boarding. This, Steve said, is an answer for prayers. God answered Steve’s prayer! He didn’t want to wait any longer. Praising God for the opportunity, and trusting in God for His provision, Steve left his place and come to RBC. At RBC, he learned the Bible; he learned what it is to share the Gospel. By God’s grace and His provision, Steve was able to finish his Bachelor of Divinity program and head back to North-East India. There he ministered for a while, witnessing and evangelizing to many. Because of Steve’s passion for sharing the Gospel and preaching the Word of God, he is not only working as an Assistant Pastor but also ministering among the tribal communities.

Listen to Steve!

All this happened because of God using His people to help Redeemer Bible College train young men to reach the nation.

Redeemer Bible College exists to train nationals to reach the nation. But we will not be able to do it without your help.

Would you please help Redeemer Bible College to train young men? Would you please give, so that we can train men like Steve who are eagerly waiting for an opportunity to get free education? There are hundreds of men who cannot afford a penny. But, with your help, we can educate some in the Bible so that they can reach their people.

It cost $89.20 per month per student. Currently, we have 15 students who are receiving the training. Out of 15, only three receives support.

It costs us $1070.40 per year to train one. Compare that to thousands of dollars spent here in the United States to attend school per year. It is not even 10% of the annual amount paid by a student here.

Would you please pray and give?

Please help us reach the nation with the nationals.

Thank you,
Dr. Joel Madasu.